About Us:

Vertical Yachts Storage Systems’ innovative, breakthrough technology has been developed to address major paradigm shifts in both the yachting and waterfront real estate marketplaces. Our patented technology and facilities are at the forefront of marina development, marina renovation and high-end mixed-use residential/marina developments worldwide.

The Vertical Yachts team is committed to providing high quality service characterized by integrity, economic benefits, accountability, and responsibility to the clients we serve. In addition to the proprietary engineering and design of the lift system and storage structure, our highly experienced and diversified technologies group is also available for:

* Architectural Design and Engineering
* Equipment Design, Fabrication and Installation
* Operations Training and Support
* Preliminary Functional/Economic Analysis
* Complete Development Services

The Vertical Yachts team has already completed The Port Marina and Condominiums, the world’s first Bridge Crane Large Boat Storage Rack-o-minium. This facility uses our patented technology and has a capacity for 125 boats up to 52 feet in length and 35,000 pounds in weight.

Technology Licensing: Vertical Yacht Storage Systems, LLC
VYSS is the worldwide licensor of our proprietary automated yacht storage systems for yachts up to ninety (90) feet in length and weights of up to 90 tons. VYSS is currently interested in establishing working relationships with marine related companies in various regions and countries outside the United States. Please contact us if you are interested in this lucrative opportunity for your locale.

Architectural & Engineering, Equipment and Design, and Development Services
VYSS provide our clients with a full scope of equipment design, engineering and professional services that specialize in the design process unique to the yachting industry. We have a broad working knowledge of the latest in technology, design approaches, codes, standards, and construction practices. We offer expertise in each of the major engineering disciplines – structural, mechanical, and electrical, as well as facility design, equipment (crane) design, fabrication and installation, project management, performance engineering services, and onsite employee training and testing programs. From the initial planning stages and discussions with the client, through design, construction and development services, we offer a total and creative process. The scope of our expertise and depth of our resources makes it possible for us to handle the most diverse projects.


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