Go Vertical - The Benefits for Boat Owner:

Peace of mind and stress-free boat ownership are welcome benefits - especially in those locales plagued by hurricanes.

Beyond hassle free boating, the savings for you as a boat owner are significant. While economics will vary by boat size, type and usage, most owners can expect to see savings in the following areas:

Maintenance: Our dust-free, soot-free climate controlled dry storage environment shelters your boat from corrosive elements, particularly salt water and salt air and helps to preserve all external and exposed metal components, and especially engine and air-conditioning cooling systems, plumbing and primary electrical systems.

Gel Coat, Paint and Finishes: By minimizing exposure to sun and UV rays, you will extend the luster of any expensive topsides paint jobs, and big savings with external wood finishes, decks, awnings and polished metals, especially in ongoing labor. Also, savings on anti-fouling bottom paints, which in some cases depending upon boat use, can be eliminated.

Generators and Air Conditioning: In addition to the electricity costs associated with continual running of the air-conditioning systems with expensive shore power (typically marked up in most marinas) or burning fuel with relatively inefficient on-board generators, long term maintenance expenses on these items are directly proportional to hours of operation, which are greatly reduced in our climate controlled facilities.

Insurance: Lower premiums, especially in hurricane regions.

Depreciation: A dry stored yacht will look brand new by avoiding the harmful effects of long term exposure to the elements. The dollar value of the depreciation and devaluation eliminated may likely be greater than all of the other cost savings totaled together. Permanent wear and tear due to corrosion, motion, exposure, moisture and all the various harsh elements is all but eliminated.

Go Vertical - The Benefits for the Marina Operator:

The Vertical Yacht Storage System has many benefits over traditional systems utilizing manually operated forklift trucks and racking systems:

More Efficient Use of Valuable Waterfront Real Estate: Due to reduced maneuvering requirements, aisle space is reduced by 20 to 50 feet, resulting in up to 20% more cubic space dedicated to revenue generating storage. Moreover, unlike traditional forklift based operations, which can only store the heaviest boat on the bottom rack, our system allows us to store all makes and models of boats (including large yachts with an overall length of up to 90’ and weighing up to 90 tons), in every rack from top to bottom.

Virtually Unlimited Vertical Height: The overhead crane system, unlike any ground based forklift mechanism, has no height limit. Typical forklift and rack systems are storage height limited to fifty (50) feet, whereas the Vertical Yacht System can be practically and economically constructed up to two hundred (200) feet.

Lower Facility Capital Costs: The Vertical Yacht structure does not require a very costly 18”-24” poured concrete floor slab; in fact, the system can be operated without a concrete floor slab at all. Excavation, leveling and site prep are greatly reduced than that required for conventional floor based structures. Not to mention our facility can be used on hillside locations and over water.

Higher Reliability: The automated and electric lifting and moving system is very reliable, without the use of often messy and high maintenance hydraulic systems and is also not subject to harsh operator use and errors. In addition, our laser guided computer controlled system will eliminate the need for tandem lift operation (e.g., the requirement to use both a spotter and a lift operator). Using our computer controlled system the operator can both safely operate the lift and spot the boat while moving around the boat to ensure proper placement.

Lower Operating Costs
Zero Damage Facility:
The lifting of the vessel via a forklift inherently creates point load stresses that can cause significant damage to the hull and for larger boats requiring sling lifts. Moreover, the uneven motion and twisting of a manually operated forklift will invariably create spider cracks and cause damage to stringers and bulkheads. In fact, on some vessels the use of a forklift can actually void the manufacturer’s warranty. .The automated laser guided precision movement of the lift system is accurate to boat placement of 1/4 inch. No more “Rack Rash” or damaged bows, which can be extremely expensive to the marina operator especially with larger yachts. Resultant savings in insurance premiums are likely as well.

Lower Maintenance and Energy Costs: The long life electrical motors and automated controls are very low in maintenance and energy costs as compared to fossil fuel driven forklift trucks. Because none of the mechanical components ever interface with salt water and due to the fact that we do not utilize any hydraulic systems, the regular maintenance costs of the industrial rated bridge crane are significantly lower than that of a gas/diesel forklift. The Vertical Yacht Storage System utilizes Industrial Bridge Cranes used in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments (i.e., steel mills, automotive plants). These industrial applications call for 24x7x365 operation with zero tolerance for downtime or failure. This same equipment when applied to our application utilizes the crane at 1/3 of the industrial duty cycle. As a result, the effective life of our bridge crane when properly maintained is 100 years which compares favorably to the effective life of a conventional hydraulic forklift.

Reduced Costs Associated with Operator Error: Operation of the “one touch” computer controlled movement does not rely upon expensive forklift operators.

Let us show you how the patented Vertical Yacht system can assist you in maximizing your marina's true potential…by going Vertical!




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