The successful redevelopment of Everglades Marina into the state-of-the-art Port Marina & Condominium in Ft. Lauderdale marks a new era in dry storage technology. Boaters with vessels of any size are no longer required to take unnecessary risks leaving their boats docked in the water or at forklift operated marinas.

Today's most effective dry storage marina technology is the patented Vertical Yacht Storage System (VYSS). Unlike traditional forklift based operations, VYSS technology allows Marina owners to store any boat from an 18' open fisherman to a 90' express cruiser. Our system offers haul and launch times as short as 3 minutes, depending on specified equipment. And due to our patented design, aisle space can be reduced four feet plus the length of the boat. The Vertical Yacht Storage System allows you to maximize profits by having the largest and heaviest boats in every rack.

For the boat owner, our facilities offer you reduced maintenance costs, easy in and out access, and an enclosed facility providing a climate-controlled dust free environment. Unlike traditional diesel powered forklift based systems, our computer controlled lift system will not damage your boat. Never before has this unprecedented level of protection been possible.

For the Marina owner, the Vertical Yachts team offers technology licensing, architectural & engineering services, equipment design, fabrication and installation, marina management, turnkey development services, and complete staff training for the safe utilization of your state-of-the-art facility. We can offer as little, or as much support as you need to maximize the full potential of your marina operation. We are committed to providing high quality service characterized by integrity, economic benefits, accountability, and responsibility to the clients we serve.



The patented VYSS system
uses a powerful combination of components to achieve rapid, laser-guided precision lifting
and storage of boats using an adjustable secure boat cradle.



Peace of mind and stress-free boat ownership are welcome benefits - especially in those locales plagued by hurricanes.



Vertical Yachts Storage Systems’ innovative technology has been developed to address major shifts in both the yachting and waterfront real estate marketplaces.

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